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Work and Play

I float on the waves of time, with the force of greater will, innumerable counts, in the earth’s heart, guarding the laws in silence, for whose sake? Like the earth’s dancing around the sun, and moon’s spinning around the earth, we play this worldly game. In the gazing of the moon, its delightful joy moves the water in the ocean of our spirit, talks about laughter and light. The birds fly crossing the wide sea, and I follow the running of a blazing light on these far away sails. In this playfield, laboring to know and seek what time has not moved and what space has not rolled. The peace of senses are stirred and an intense life moves in a wondrous surge of storms. Finding deliverance from the needs while carrying the weight of aspirations. You and I are where the haste of the world can not reach and which the mind can not grasp. Our heart-beats are but the steps of joy, tireless in its movement. We have not the sorrows nor the burdens of desire. And we shall look at each other with the long reach of love’s deep eyes, hearing the unending trumpets of silence!



On a night when the sky is dark, and the winds are cold, I stare into the infinity of this universe, trying to find you into this eternal world.
Questioning myself, what is it in me..that existed in the past, exists now and shall exist till the last breath I take? Nothing else do I see except the face your love in my heart.
Oh! Then will these longings of my heart exist forever? As I see you, I get lifted up in the skies with my soul floating around in freedom. O, my one, come and touch upon my burning heart, dissolve into my soul which is yearning to merge into you.
Come.. you must.. to a heart whose feelings can be seen by you and none else, to a body whose desires can be fulfilled by you and none else. Where do I see you again? Where have you gone? The sky is all empty for me without you.
Come, take away from me.. everything.. and free me from all these desires and temptations. For how I see you, in all that is unknown to me, wishing to find you somewhere. Show me a sign towards you, I do not know the way. Where are you? In this breath? In this air?
Oh how foolish I am, waiting.. to hear from you! You this silence

Qualities of an Officer

After 35 years of service as Development Officer, he gets retired from the office today. His friends and colleagues in their emotional speeches (some unable to speak, some crying), remarks his tenure as of one who always thought of public profit before his profits. One close friend remarked that his quality of speaking about what is right with utmost conviction and sticking to it untill the end, did cultivated him enemies from time to time, but nothing bothered him as he lived with the few like a lion’s family lives among herd of sheep’s. As his staff comments about him for being the most respected and reputed officer, the federation of agents mark him for being the most self-less officer to work with. Again, one humorously said that liking him is almost irresistible.. and so he would get the most work done, and eventually used to get the most incentives and bonuses. As of one famous with not having by foul means earned a single penny his way of working inspires many young officers now.
One knows how a person’s growth and development is so difficult in small cities where we live, i have seen examples of him encountering men who could not even earn their daily bread.. And he with his heart full and wilful efforts, empowered and supported them with any tool in his capacity, be it economical, emotional or mental.. he did uplift their value, dignity and quality of life ..and I did today see some of them standing with pride shoulder to shoulder with him in the parting ceremony.
It felt that we need people who can stick to their values, be it professional or ethical.. rather than people who can be easily swayed for the sake of just economic benefits.
@MS Malik.. retired from office, but not from life.

Evolving and dissolving

There is creativity of life in all forms of existence. Whatever that has life touches our senses so easily. The air, the sky, the colors are all sources of immense energies for that life. Everything must have been balanced at some point of time in history long ago. But it was the misbalance that created everything. Some systems at time get out of sync , and gets deprived of all energies required to continue this process this creativity. The physical world, the matter acts like a magnet to attract that subtle forms of energies towards itself. It is possible for one matter to dominate over another and draw more of energy towards itself. That creates dis balance. But that misbalance become useful later on. Deprivation of one leaves space for another, something new take its place. It leaves space for for evolution…space for something totally new. leading it towards the process of creation..again and again.

Self Trust

Detached attachment

A mysterious call says concerned as i am, on the facets of this life of yours, and this concern is intensely severe, for the most deeply loved and one greatly respected. What I shall do to arise, rise up and give all the support, lend all of what I you, like the sun to enlighten your existence. O you Open the eyes of your heart and see me. I am there along with the wind that blows, water that flows, fire that burns, sun that shines.
Do not ask for proofs…
Keep aside all the reasoning, that there is nothing left to argue. There will only be a presence, of me and you.

With this call the spirit is aroused and speaks aloud-

So many gifts have I received, I place them all in front of you. If I deserve them, it is because of you. I am not reasoning anymore, I am feeling my name in your calling.

Mine?…nothing i am alone. Alone? I could not see you.

My eyes are getting closed again.. you are!

In this fragrance coming in every breath of mine. Look how we are expanding and still coming close. This love is so mysterious.

Your light touches my soul, even under the shade of tress. Your love dissolves my identity. I am you now. You are me.
There is no sleeping for my soul now, it has been shakened. It could not rest anywhere except in your bosom now.

yes I see.. right here! Just in front of my eyes, the eyes of my heart. You exist!
I have become that fish inside the lake and you are the light of that sun. I can only see you and not touch you. I have become that bird flying high in the skies, and you are the cool zephyrs. I can only feel you and not catch you.
Inside you, my soul floats.
You are the floor on which my body dances. You are the language which my heart speaks.
I was locked inside, and here you came and set me free. There is no meaning looking out for you. You lit fire in my blood and now others ask me to sip water from their ocean. I am drunken with your love now, water can not satisfy me any longer. And in this language of silence shall our eyes speak.
I do not want to listen to the stories of others anymore. All of them seem non-sensible to me. We will unfold our own and speak of our own story

Divisions in relations

But what causes divisions in our relationships with others,? Is it not our believes in a particular ideology, or in a certain theory?
The moment one’s certain experience leads them to believe that everyone in the world is selfish, so I must also be selfish. Another person comes and says he believes no one in the world is selfish. Is not that both of them are falsely believing in something that is not true. One believes in god and the other doesn’t and they keep fighting, arguing, reasoning hopelessly to prove oneself right over the another. The world is flooded is so many such believes. This creates division in ourselves, in our society.
Another cause is with dependence on others to solve your problems. Instead of observing deeply what’s the trouble and wiping it out with tremendous will, most of us search for someone else who could solve our problems. We disperse our energy and will in doing that. And sometimes one finds someone else to put in order the disorder in their life. Then they become a conformist. Conforming again to some particular believes which they could not themselves understand but which was told to them by others…some psychologist, some religious teacher or anyone. They preach it all over as the ultimate truth. But in reality the problem still remains unsolved. That someone else fills their minds with delusions of all kinds created from certain believes that they just forget the problem for a certain moment and feel that it is gone. This becomes a sort of entertainment. But like the tides of the moon, if problem is not completely dealt with, it resurfaces. In all this activity one’s mind becomes dull, divisions and confusions of all kinds enter into it.
So we must understand the relevance of our minds, our behaviors. We must observe deeply the movement of our life both inwardly and outwardly and free ourselves from all kinds of beliefs and divisions…be it ideological, psychological, traditional, theoretical or religious.
For that we be attentive. Attentive of that consciousness, which totally frees one’s intelligence of mind and heart from all such barriers and generates true positivity that destroys all discriminations. If one can gather such energy constantly to live in such true positivity then nothing in the universe can destroy one’s sacredness of soul.

And then all divisions will vanish.

Freedom from securities

Comfort. Safety. Security.
Do these things on seeking inculcate fear, selfishness, and the bondages of all kind from the society on a person? Let’s look into it.
One may sense that resting restores energy. But when one starts seeking rest or comfort, it instead starts depriving one of the energies. It destroys energy more rapidly than it took to generate it. And then when without energy if one is surrounded by fears, it becomes impossible to escape. They keep on becoming immense. The impression on our minds since our evolution has filled it with such fears. And with great passion and tremendous energy only can we free ourselves from our past and create something new. Is it not?
When under the grasp of fear we seek security. Under the threats of insecurity we seek safety. This way fear of all kinds feeds into us from everywhere. We transfer it to another and spread it around. We seek security because we get afraid of insecurities. And when one gets such security, they loose freedom and their natural state. Fear and all kinds of superstitions dominate their life. Their minds become unproductive and dull. Their bodies become unwilling to work. Does that not happen? Does that insecurities and fear not make a person selfish?
If one could look at all those insecurities that lead to the death of life and creativity then can one free self from it totally. But to look into them deeply to erode them out requires tremendous energies. For that we need to collect all that dispersed energy and lead the transformation.
We are in an era of great opportunities where its most important to free our minds from all bondages of our past. One needs extraordinary energy to kick hard anything that chains their legs to free self completely.

Intelligence of creation

Someone says intelligence is of the mind, of the thoughts and if you can control your thoughts and your actions, you can know peace of mind.
Let’s look into it. Is that control not suppression of your own self. Did man or living things came into being with control. Intelligence.. it resides in every living being. True intelligence lies in being totally aware of that flow of life in self, that tremendous energy as a result of every particle of a being wholly aware of its movement. Lets look more and see what is to be aware?
Being aware of delusions one is in. Being completely attentive of the inattentiveness. Focusing on one thing and looking at it with a whole representation. Not in fragments, not in divisions, not in separations, not with control, not with limits. But as a whole. So Look at the intelligence of an artist in his painting. A great art.. which points towards wholeness of universe in one painting. It may not present the whole. But an artist intends to look at it that way and paints the subtleties of that whole in most simple ways of his mind.
Observe the intelligence of an eagle. Its focus on an object free of all distortions from external environment. Its attention is free of all inattentiveness. Free of all unawareness. It does not need to remember its flight. So, it leave no trace of its flight. Its existence in the state of total intelligence

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